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Custom Architectural Fabrication.


Architectural Entryways

Impress your clients from the moment they enter your facility. Let Building Impressions, Inc. design and manufacture a unique, custom fabricated entryway piece for your business, church or school.  A smartly designed architectural piece with professionally sculpted metal structures and eye catching finishes will draw attention to your building in a unique and modern way.


Architectural Canopies

Building Impressions, Inc. has manufactured a variety of large architectural canopies for facilities like Holy Cross College, Zolman Tire, PEI Genesis and the City of South Bend, IN. Our vast knowledge comes from years of experience working with a variety of different organizations and with many different unique challenges. Our goal is to provide you with the best creative solution available.

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Architectural Window Treatments

Shading and cooling your building can go way beyond boring blinds and interior window treatments.  Aluminum crafted window shades and treatments will bring a modern look to your business and help keep your cooling costs to a minimum.  Make a great impression with custom designed architectural window treatments. We have the ability and experience to work with existing structures or work hand in hand with your General Contractor for new builds.


Ornamental & Decorative Signage & Street Signs

Decorative, ornamental signage is a timeless look that will surly bring class to your neighborhood or downtown area.  We offer decorative posts, decorative bases, decorative hanging brackets, decorative mailboxes and decorative wayfinding street signs and directionals.  Our standard components can be mixed and matched to create your own unique decorative, ornamental wayfinding sign program.

For more information click on the link below and take a look at our 2015 catalog featuring our Ornamental Posts, Signs & Brackets.

Download our Ornamental Catalog (PDF)

Wayfinding Signs & Structures

College universities, city municipalities and neighborhood associations are just a few places that benefit greatly from a smartly designed wayfinding program. When people feel comfortable about where they are and where they are going they feel confidence in your organization.

Wayfinding signs can consist of decorative, ornamental single pole units with custom designed faces or large, multi-facited structures can be used as main identification areas perfect for campus maps, community bulletins or even interactive digital displays. Take a look at our portfolio to see some more examples of Wayfinding Signs & Structures.


Dimensional & Architectural Arches

For thousands of years people have entered arenas and cities through carefully crafted architectural arches.  Creating a main entry point with visually attractive elements draws your patrons attention to what you have to offer. What could be on the other side of this swooping, dimensional curve?  A secret garden?  A fine culinary experience or a roaring game under lights?  Building Impressions, Inc. has constructed many of these architectural arches for places like Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Legends of Notre Dame, and Vista Preparatory Academy in California.

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